In my work I examine and explore questions of identity through self-portraiture. I am interested in how do gender, sexuality, age, and cultural background affect our identity and how we are shaped by the places and society that we grow up in.
I was born in Czech Republic and self-portraiture has been the main focus in my paintings. After moving to US and being daily exposed to new culture, societal norms, expectations, surroundings and landscape I felt even stronger urge to elaborate and explore on who I am and how one’s identity is and could be flexible. I felt the need to document myself in new environment in order to not lose my “old” self and switched to more instant medium of photography. My anxiety was eventually replaced by comfort and understanding that self is fluid and transformative. That allowed me to become more abstract, yet even more intimate in my latest work where I use my body as a form to explore relationship between nature and the human body.