About Marie Tomanova

Czech-born Marie Tomanova grew up in a South Moravian border town, Mikulov. After receiving a painting MFA she left to United States. Turning to photography displacement, identity, gender, and memory became key themes in her work.

Her ongoing series of Self-portraits (2014-) address the sense of displacement and finding her place in the American landscape. Young American (2015-), first presented as a solo exhibition at Czech Center New York in 2018, focuses on individuality, identity, and belonging in the American social landscape. Her latest body of work, It Was Once My Universe (2018-), is an ongoing, deeply personal project about her returning home to the Czech Republic after 8 years in exile as an immigrant living in the United States. It was shown as part of her 2020 solo show by the same name at 35m2 in Prague, Czech Republic. A 2020 solo exhibition Live for the Weather at Tschechisches Zentrum Berlin brought together these multiple bodies of work, and was selected among the top five exhibitions of the European Month of Photography 2020 biennial.

Tomanova's first book Young American (Paradigm Publishing 2019) featuring a foreword by acclaimed photographer Ryan McGinley sold out shortly after its publication. The art and fashion magazines overflowed with enthusiasm. Deftly entwining portraiture and landscape to recontextualize and expand the meaning of each, Tomanova now presents, with art historian Thomas Beachdel, her second volume New York New York (Hatje Cantz, 2021) with foreword by Kim Gordon.

Tomanova currently lives and works in NYC.
She is represented by C24 Gallery in the United States and the Republic of Turkey and by Stieglitz19 in Belgium and The Netherlands.


Contact me at:  marietomka@gmail.com