Curated by Marie Tomanova

July 7th - August 4th, 2016
Czech Center New York

Youth energy has been an indelible and crucial part of the extension and refocus of artistic practice—Les Barbes, Nazarenes, Realists, Impressionists, Les Nabis, Die Brücke, Les Fauvres, Futurists, Dada, Surrealists, AbEx, Minimalists, Pop, East Village Art Scene, etc…
After two decades of suffering the turgidity of an increasingly uniform corporate city and world, youth energy has reawakened to powerfully challenge notions of self, identity, nature, and state of being. Introspective, naked, masked, unmasked, and unafraid, this exhibition gathers together artists who, in their varied practice, reach out and affirm the power of youth.

Exploring identity, sexuality, and censorship with nyc’s most exciting young artists
Czech photographer Marie Tomanova brings together friends and collaborators including Alexandra Marzella, India Salvor Menuez, Michael Bailey-Gates, and Grace Miceli, for the powerful group show "Youth Explosion: The New Bohemia." - i-D Mag

Ethan James Green

The Opening Night